Exeter, UK Office: +44 01392 357562 / 07565 061267

Mallorca, Spain Office: +34 684 169 261

Email: web@aroundtheclockmarketing.co.uk

We add these guidelines so you know what to expect and how we like to work, we hope you find this useful and shows our open way of working.


We communication by Phone, Email and sometimes by post. However if you have any issues, changes to your package you have with us we would always require this by email in writing. We welcome feedback about our business and work but this is always better received in writing and saves any misunderstandings.

Design or Ideas:

Please make sure we have all the information we need as much as possible at the outset. We can only quote on the information that is given at the time and prices will vary if your requirements change during the project.

We will always ask for an upfront payment for any work carried out so please do not be offended by this. We do this to make sure we can do the best possible job for your business but also we are a growing business and this makes sure we keep growing in the right way.

We may go quiet for a period of time but this does not mean we have stopped working on your project, actually it’s the opposite we are probably very busy delivering on your project. Please be patient particularly with websites, we will always let you know how long things take and they usually will take that amount of time.

Demo Websites:

When we show your demo this will be desktop version only, this is because effectively the other devices are the same website but laid out to fit the device. It will only be the Home Page we will share to make sure we are on the right lines and we are on the same page regarding lay out and design.

Home page:

Once we have agreed the demo we will then build the ‘Home Page’ this is the point we will regularly share updates with you on progress of the website.


You have the expertise in your business, we have library pictures and can write content for you but we will need your time and input to put the content together. If you are unable to gie us the time this could delay your project. Please work with us to ensure complete timely success for your website.

Going Live:

On completion we will help you to find your way around and help you to know how to update the website.

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